Private Garage Parking - instructions

Note: the parking space is only suitable for mid-sized cars.


  1. Look for the address in your navigation app: Calle San Agustín 2, Cartagena. Click here for the Google Maps link.
  2. Drive to the entrance (see picture below)
  3. Step out of the car and look for the key box, on the wall on the right (see picture below, zoom 1)
  4. Open the key box with code 1254
  5. Put the magnetic key into the slot next to the garage door (see picture below, zoom 2)
  6. Drive down the ramp
  7. Park you car in place number 12 (in the corner, see picture below).
  8. Offload your luggage
  9. Walk back to the ramp. Down of the ramp there is a button to open the doors of the parking.
  10. Walk up the ramp to exit the parking

After it is a 3 minute walk to the apartment. Just cross the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and walk up the street in front of you. The map below shows you the route to follow.

Parking instructions