Here below a few of our recommendations for places to visit, see and taste, in Cartagena and around.

Coffee lover places

  • The best place to buy coffee beans and grinded coffee is just around the corner: Mundo Novo Coffee Shop. The owner is Pedro, he started it in 2022 out of pure passion. It´s not a café or bar, but rather a small shop, although you can order a coffee as well and he has some chairs so you can sit and drink it there, or for take-away. Ask Pedro anything you want to know about coffee. He speaks English. Location: Calle del Aire, 21

  • The best place to have coffee, and related specialties, including self-made cakes, is Café Lab. They have two locations in Cartagena (and one in Murcia). The atmosphere is fully in style, only for the decoration it is already worth to go. Also you can have good tostadas in the morning for breakfast, several types. Location in the city centre: Calle Intendencia, 8. The other one is near to the Corte Ingles.

  • For a quick good coffee for take-away in the main shopping area, you could go for Pérez Campo. Location: Puerta de Murcia, 16

  • For a good coffee and a relaxing, bohemic and historic (the fairy-tale write Hans Christian Andersen was here) atmosphere, visit Soldadito de Plomo at only 1 minute from the house. They have also good deserts, cakes, pancakes, milkshakes, etc. This is our favourite place to meet friends in the afternoon for a relaxing conversation. Location: Calle Príncipe de Vergara, 1

  • In all these places, and in all cafés and restaurants of Cartagena, you can get the typical local coffee cocktail from Cartagena, called Asiático - very popular here. It consists of coffee with condensed milk and a bit of cognac, a couple of coffee beans, lemon rind, cinnamon, and of course a few drops of Licor 43 (by the way: this well-known licor originates from Cartagena and is produced and exported from here; recommendable is to do a guided tour in the factory, nearby Cartagena). If you like the Asíatico, you can buy related souvenirs here.

  • Note: breakfast for most Spanish people consists of a "café con leche" and toasted bread with fresh tomato and olive oil ("tostada con tomate").


Note: in this part of Spain, lunch and dinner are relatively late. For lunch, the kitchen is normally open between 1:30 and 3:30 pm for lunch; for dinner between 8:30 and 10:30 pm. The rest of the day, you may find some tapas here and there, in some places, but not freshly cooked meals. 

  • Luces is our favourite for a good dinner: fusion between Spanish, Georgian, Russian and Ukranian kitchen. Location: Calle Villamartín, 13
  • Magoga. According to the experts (Michelin) the best restaurant of Cartagena, but a bit costly of course. Location: Plaza Doctor Vicente García Marcos 5
  • Casa Beltrí. Outside of the city, named by the famous modernist arquitect Beltrí which designed it, besides many of the other modernist buildings within Cartagena. Spanish kitchen, and sushi. Location: Huerto de las Bolas, 2.
  • Chef Momo. One of the very few, but very good vegetarian restaurants in town, close to the casa. Location: Calle Medieras
  • Restaurante Cuarenta y Tres 43. The 43-licor brand comes from Cartagena. They recently started this classy restaurant which has received good critics.
  • Mare Nostrum. Also in the harbor, a good place if you like fish and seafood.
  • Club Nautico Santa Lucia. A club for fishermen. We like to eat paella here (named "arroz" here, paella is the Valencian name). Also for other seafood dishes.
  • Club Nautico El Chalet - to eat the the typical paella from Cartagena: "arroz caldero"
  • El Viejo Almacén - we often have a menu here during the week, for around 12 euros.


  • Aperitivos el Vinagrillo. For just a bite, wine, cheese, ham and "conservas". Location: Calle Canales, 16.
  • El Apertivo del Pinto specialized in wine and cheese. Location: Calle Cuatro Santos, 37
  • La Tapería de Casa Tomás. A classic tapas restaurant, where you can also have dinner a la carte Location: Calle del Parque, 2
  • La Uva Jumillana and la Bodega de la Fuente (in front of each other) are very popular for all ages, to drink a vermút with a bite. In Bodega de la Fuenta, the sardines are famous. Location: Calle Jara 28
  • La Fortaleza. Small place run by mother and son: the best croquetas in town. Try also the "revuelto cartagenero". Location, just below the Casa Terma del Teatro in the Calle Cañon
  • El Cantón: another tapas restaurant just below the Casa with nostalgia and history from Cartagena. Owner Lucio normally receives you. Location: Cuesta de la Baronesa 1
  • Bar el Rincón Manchego: excellent low-priced typical tapas from Castilla la Mancha. Location: Calle Campos, 3
  • Bar Sol: one of the oldest tapas bars in Cartagena, a classic place.
  • Bodega Nicolás: this is supposed to be the oldest bar in Cartagena.

Souvenirs from Cartagena

Mi Tierra - small shop with selected local gastronomic products, including wine
José Diaz - to buy the typical coffee cups for the asiático.

Nature outside of Cartagena

  • Definitely do not miss Calblanque: one of the few unspoilt spots on the coast of this part of Spain. Beaches are marvelous and you can make nice hikes there.
  • For hikes closer: discover the area between Cartagena and El Portús. 
  • Even more closer: make a walk to Algameca Chica (clandestine settlement, but totally safe) and go back through the harbour side of the mountain.